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Check out this great video

My Mulcher can MULCH A CAR!

So this is my mulcher...the one you will get on your property - it WILL do the job!  Credit:  Dirt Monkey.

A Simple Visual Explanation...

REALTORS - TAKE NOTICE! ...of what forestry mulching can do.  Home Owners --- Save endless weekends of work with my professional heavy equipment...and save - your back, time, injuries, and end up with what you want...oh, and stopped getting nagged :) 

Why a Farm could use this...

But a Farmer has everything... Time = yours.  (Remember - YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!)  Yes, even farmers can use this service. Can't get into where your tires will get constant tracks can go anywhere...Credit: Clevinger Forest Services

"Forestry Mulching" for a Home Owner!?"

I don't have a "forest!"  What can this specialty service do for me...I only have less than an acre!?!?  Credit: Clevinger Forest Services

Stoney Ridge Farmer explains Forestry Mulching PERFECTLY!

Obviously prices vary and this is an older video in a very rural area.  This equipment is HIGH END Heavy Equipment!  You can see what it can do! This is NOT common equipment, and is NOT a simple "bush hog."  This is a really good video for an overview of this specialty. Credit: Stoney Ridge Farmer.

Dirt Monkey Talks Disc Mulchers

A good video to see how a disc mulcher works verses a drum mulcher. Credit: Dirt Monkey

Winter Storm Jonas - Jan 2016 - New York City

2014 New York City 8" Snow Storm

2-3 Jan 2014 - Forest Hills to Jamaica, Queens

Feb 2014 NYC Storm

F-350 7.3 Diesel Front End Rescue

2017 - Rust Rescue with Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint and an entire new front end!

F-350 7.3 Turbo Upgrade

2015 - It started as a little project, but did not end up that way!

Transmission Pan, Line, and Differential Cover

2017 - The Transmission line broke, so that triggered the transmission pan going on, and a new Differential Cover while I was at it!