My Mulcher can MULCH A CAR!

This is one of the models of Bobcat mulchers we have...the one you will get on your property - it WILL do the job!  Take a look at how it mulches the automobile.

Video Credit:  Dirt Monkey.

A Simple Visual Explanation...

REALTORS --- TAKE NOTICE! ... of what forestry mulching can do.  

Home Owners --- You can save endless weekends of work with my professional heavy equipment...and save your back, time, possible injuries, and end up with what you want.  Spend that time with your family and watch our team get it done.  Oh, and stopped getting nagged!

Here's why a Farm could use this...

But a Farmer has everything... you'd think.  Well, Time = Money... save yours.  (Remember, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!)  Yes, even farm owners can benefit from this service.  If you can't get into where your tires will get constant flats... our tracks can go anywhere!

Credit: Clevinger Forest Services

Forestry Mulching for a Home Owner!?

"I don't have a "forest". What can this specialty service do for me? I only have less than an acre!" 

Credit: Clevinger Forest Services

Stoney Ridge Farmer explains Forestry Mulching PERFECTLY!

Note: Obviously pricing varies and this is an older video in a very, very rural area.  But the equipment is HIGH END and very heavy equipment at that!  You can see what it can do! This is NOT common equipment, and is NOT a simple "bush hog."  

This is a really good video for an overview of this specialty. 

Credit: Stoney Ridge Farmer

Dirt Monkey Talks Disc Mulchers

A good video to see how a disc mulcher works VS. a drum mulcher.  There's a difference!

Credit: Dirt Monkey

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Transmission Pan, Line, and Differential Cover

2017 - The Transmission line broke, so that triggered the transmission pan going on, and a new Differential Cover while I was at it!